Do you remember when your children were preschoolers?

For some of you, that’s the future.

For others, that stage is way in the past!

My youngest Lucy is almost 8.  I remember bringing her to MOPS groups when she was little.  She would assist me at my book table.  I’m remembering those days because I’m headed to Kansas City for MOPS International’s amazing conference MOMCon 2017 to present.

When I look back at that time when my kids were preschoolers, I don’t have any regrets.  It’s not that I did it perfectly.  But I know I didn’t waste that time.

I was present.

I wasn’t on my phone, pinning, tweeting, texting, emailing or posting during mealtimes, between errands, and during family activities.

This post isn’t meant to guilt you.  It’s meant to Wake. You. Up.

In case you’re missing this stage of your child’s life because you’re catching up on emails, work, blogging, social media, Words with Friends, or Candy Crush.

Believe me, I understand you need to use technology to unwind sometimes and to get your work done.  But we can hide behind all that because it’s easier sometimes than showing up to be the parent.

You won’t regret not being on your phone more.

But you will regret not being there for your kids more.

Find the help you need to tame your tech, so you won’t have regrets when you look back.




Arlene Pellicane

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