The Connect Movie produced by Kirk Cameron comes out today. I will be in the theater tonight watching and praying that millions of parents will eventually see this important film about the dangerous effects of technology and particularly social media on our kids. Check it out for yourself:

This is a pivotal time for parents to become aware of the addictive nature of technology.  Did you know that a world-class team of former tech insiders and CEOs have formed the Center for Humane Technology?

Wow, that’s amazing!

These brilliant men and women are raising awareness about the products they have worked to create, warning parents in particular about the dangerous mix of too much tech and childhood.

We must connect with this kind of information and disconnect from our phones more often.  We must disconnect our kids from social media which is harmful.  Please don’t be afraid to be the bad guy.  I think taking one look at the Connect Movie will show us being the “mean mom” or “mean dad” is infinitely better than the alternative:  being the permissive parent who does not block sexting, porn, cyberbullying, and digital addiction.


Arlene Pellicane

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