I was sitting upstairs when my kitchen timer downstairs started beeping.  At first I ignored it.  I figured it would eventually stop beeping.

But after my concentration had been hijacked for too long, I ran downstairs to turn it off.

That’s a word picture of why I decided to write my latest book Parents Rising: 8 Strategies for Raising Kids Who Love God, Respect Authority, and Value What’s Right. 

You see, as parents, we hear warning beeps.  Your child is sassing you about anything and everything.  Homework is being lost.  Video games are a struggle.  Dinner usually consists of kid friendly hot dogs and soda.

But we’re busy, so we do nothing, hoping it will all get straightened out in the end.

At some point however, we realize “I’ve got to do something about this!”

We live in an ungodly culture where wrong is called right, Judeo-Christian beliefs are labeled intolerant, and the family is being attacked at its foundations.  I personally realized “I’ve got to do something about this!” and started writing my book Parents Rising. 

If you believe it’s time for the return of honor in the home – for sons and daughters to respect their parents – then this book is for you.

We are crying out because our kids are addicted to devices, being bullied, exposed to porn at early ages, doing poorly in school, and so much more.

But this is a time for hope.

You can rise up to protect your home from the evils of pornography, sexual predators, and violent video games.

You can rise up to train future men and women who will live with morals in an immoral world.

You can rise up to prepare your children to excel in the marketplace instead of thinking they will be pampered in their 20s.

Change begins not with our children, but with us.  It’s easy to blame the culture, the iPad, the school, or pop music for our children’s character deficits.  But when we take responsibility for raising our children, we don’t cave into excuses.  We get creative.  We get determined.  We get in the game.

Will you join me in this transformation of the heart and home?  It’s time for parents to rise.

Pre-order Parents Rising today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book, Walmart, or your favorite bookseller.  Parents Rising releases April 3, 2018.

Arlene Pellicane

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