This holiday season, many parents lament…

How can I get my children to stop playing video games all day long?

Here are 7 non-video game activities to do with your family.  They are things we have done and tested!  Spending extra time together over the holiday vacation period is a gift.  But when we don’t have activities planned out, the default can become screen time for all.  So here are other alternatives to try with your tribe:

Cook something unusual.  It might be a new cookie recipe or eating breakfast for dinner.  One of our favorite Christmas gifts came from my high school friend who sent a Millennium Falcon waffle maker.  Too much for words!

Nerf war!  We put on eye protection and either have a Nerf war in the backyard or upstairs in our house.  We play dramatic instrumental music and go for it.



Nerf target practice.  My dad and son Ethan have been shooting targets since Ethan was a preschooler.  They used to set up plastic cups and shoot them with rubber bands.  Now they still set up the plastic cups but shoot them with some pretty cool Nerf guns!

Roller blading or ice skating.  Strap on those skates and head outside or to the ice rink.  If you don’t know how, this is a great time to learn.

Go for a hike.  If you don’t like roller blading (like me), you can always use the good foot the Lord has given and go for a nature hike instead.  Being outdoors is great for kids and adults.

Get a pile of books from the library.  We went to the library yesterday.  Lucy (9) came home with an armload of books.  Noelle (12) came home with one huge book.

Make something.  Whether it’s something creative from scratch, a latch hook kit from years ago, or a Christmas gift just received, Christmas break is the perfect time for crafts.  During the year, we are often too busy for projects.  Vacation allows us to pick up our hobbies.

Enjoy your vacation and fill it with activities together…not Fortnite!

Arlene Pellicane

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