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"31 Days to a Happy Husband gives every wife the tools she needs to have a joyful home. You'll learn how to set Bibilical priorities that may save your marriage or change the dynamic of your relationship from good to great."

- Beverly LaHaye, Founder, Concerned Women of America and bestselling author of The Act of Marriage

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Podcast: Who Do You Say I Am with Becky Harling

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The Christmas season can become a gift buying frenzy, a sweet treat avalanche, and party-packed calendar month.  

But isn’t it really about a baby in a manger and what His appearance means to humanity? 

On this month’s Happy Home Podcast, my friend Bible teacher, author and speaker Becky Harling joins us to talk about who Jesus said He was.  Based on her Bible study, “Who Do You Say I Am?” you’ll learn:  

  • How the “I am” statements of Jesus can transform your marriage 
  • How to worry less as a parent 
  • How to live a bolder life 
  • How to grow in your faith 

Becky Harling is an author, speaker, wife and mother of four, and certified coach with The John Maxwell team.  She is a childhood sexual abuse and cancer survivor and she is passionate about helping women move beyond obstacles to find hope.  She and her husband Steve have nine grandkids. 


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