Mentors are role models your kids can talk to. Does your son or daughter have people like this in their lives?

Finding mentors for your kids isn’t as complicated as you may think…but it is something you do on purpose.  My son Ethan has been in Royal Rangers at church since kindergarten (he’s a sophomore in high school now).  The friendships he has with the leaders (they are called commanders which is kind of cool) are invaluable.

My girls have also been involved in girls’ clubs at church since kindergarten.  Now Noelle (8th grade) goes to youth group and has an open door to talk with our youth pastor’s wife whenever she wants.  Since the kids have been very involved in church (tech crew, extras on stage for special productions, parking crew, small group, VBS volunteers), they know many quality adults.  I’m so grateful and it makes a huge difference in their development into young adults.

Mentoring Matters (the 5:1 principle)

Mentors are role models your kids can talk to. Does your son or daugther have adults like this in life? Great resources include GEMS girls club https://gemsgc.org/ , Royal Rangers (what my son has done) https://royalrangers.com/

Posted by Arlene Pellicane, Speaker & Author on Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Recommended Resources:

GEMS Girls Club

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Book: Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark

Arlene Pellicane

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