Smartphones and technology are the #1 stress, crisis, and questions from parents and leaders. Often, we don’t know what to do with all of Gen Z’s technology much less figure out how to use it to protect them.

That’s one reason why I wanted to be a part of the Technology and Teens Summit with 11 other experts to discuss all that the new digital world holds.

Starting, TODAY, September 17th you can watch and learn from me and other amazing experts who will give you encouragement, practical insight, and knowledge about technology and Gen Z completely for free!  My session is the first of the summit, available right now and throughout the summit.  

We promise you will walk away with new ideas to implement into your family or group and that you won’t regret signing up for this FREE training.  

Some of the speakers include my favorites…

Dr. Kathy Koch, “Why Teens Love Technology” 

Andy Crouch, “The Tech-Wise Family”

Kirk Cameron, “Connect With and Reach Your Teen”

Maggie John, “The Power of Listening on Every Platform

Are you kidding me?  I love these people!  I hope you will join us for this free summit and learn insights to help you disciple your teen and their technology!

Sign up for your free spot and start watching TODAY!


Arlene Pellicane

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