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It’s a new year…a new decade!  The perfect time for new beginnings as a parent…

Maybe video games have been a big part of your child’s life and you’re wondering how you’re going to get through another year of saying things like:

“Please turn off the game and come to dinner!”

“It’s time to get your homework done.  Turn off the game.”

“We’re leaving without you but we don’t want to.  Please turn off your game and come.” 

Video games aren’t what they used to be when we were kids. They are far more addicting and immersive than ever. Is your child at risk for video game addiction? Melanie Hempe RN shares her real life experience with her college gamer.  After hearing her story, you’ll realize if it could happen to her son Adam, it could happen to anyone.  You need to equip yourself with information so you’ll know:

  • How to use tech as a tool and not a toy
  • How long it takes for the frontal cortex of the brain to develop (and how gaming can impair)
  • Why you (not video games) should be the architect of your child’s brain
  • How to win your child back to your family (instead of losing him to gaming)
  • How to present new rules in a way your kids will accept

Melanie will share all that, along with medical information about the brain that will change the way you view video games and your kids forever.

Melanie Hempe shares as an expert but also as a fellow mom and trusted voice.  She’s a highly sought after speaker and the executive director of Families Managing Media. Her books include Will Your Gamer Survive College? and Screen Strong Solution: How to free your child from addictive screen habits.  Melanie is a mother of 4 and a retired nurse.  She works full-time educating parents about the dangers of excessive screen time and gaming.


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