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Are you concerned your kids will never grow up? 

When your son or daughter leaves your house at 18, will he or she be ready?

Josh Burnette co-author of the book Adulting 101: Wisdom for Life is here to help!  Entering adulthood can be intimidating (not just for our kids, but for US!), but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll find practical and creative ideas to get your kids prepared for life beyond high school.  In this podcast, you’ll learn: 

  • How your child can set himself or herself apart from other job applicants
  • What not to do on an interview
  • How to bring up practical matters like renting an apartment and getting a budget in place
  • How to teach the magic of compound interest to kids
  • What effect technology has had on young adults and the workplace
  • Ways to succeed in the freshman year of college

Josh Burnette is the co-author of Adulting 101: Wisdom for Life (written with Pete Hardesty).  Adulting 101 is a guide for everything related to real life from finances, home life, relationships, and career.  Josh Burnette is a husband, father of 2, and business owner, currently residing in Little Rock Arkansas.  He started working at Chickfila as a team member when he was barely tall enough to see over the counter.  Today he’s a Chickfila owner/operator employing a team of 100 plus people.  I have been going through Adulting 101 with my 15-year old Ethan and recommend the book very highly!  





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