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Pop culture, social media, video games, porn, streaming services – there is so much in the culture today that runs opposite to the Christian values you want to instill in your kids.

Author and mom Lee Nienhuis is here to help us parent strong – which means we must parent counter culturally much of the time. How do you keep following God when everyone else seems to be going the other direction? Lee’s new book will help; it’s called Countercultural Parenting: Building Character in a World of Compromise. 

One of Lee’s teens struggled with pornography, something that is very common today but seldom discussed openly. You’ll want to learn how she and her family faced this problem. Whether one of your children is looking at porn (or if they will in the future), this conversation can really help you know how to respond and what to do.

Lee Nienhuis is a passionate Bible teacher and works with one of my favorite ministries, Moms in Prayer. She hosts the Moms in Prayer podcast. Her newest book is Countercultural Parenting: Building Character in a World of Compromise. She’s also the author of Brave Mom, Brave Kids. She and her husband Mike have four kids and live in Michigan.


Arlene Pellicane

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