My two oldest kids started high school virtually yesterday!!!

Not exactly what we expected, especially for my freshman as she enters high school.

There wasn’t the anticipation of wearing a new outfit, the nervousness of finding someone to talk to, wondering where to sit at lunch, or getting lost trying to find your Biology class.

Noelle just went downstairs, sat at the table, and logged onto her Google Classroom.

On this week’s live Happy Home chat, I share a few things we learned to make the transition as smooth as possible for kids to go back to school distance-learning-style:

Welcome to (Virtual) High School

High school has started at our house…downstairs! Online only! Here are a few things we have learned about creating a conducive environment and the ups and downs of virtual learning as you start.

Posted by Arlene Pellicane, Speaker & Author on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

To sum up:

  • Establish a specific place to do school work (not the same place for gaming/Netflix/etc)
  • Get a good night sleep (virtual classes are tiring)
  • Put out nutritious snacks
  • Be around for support but don’t hover!  Let middle and high school kids work on their own
  • Buy a paper planner (make it as clear as possible what the homework assignments are for each day)

Link mentioned: Children and Screens

Arlene Pellicane

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