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It’s always a highlight to record with my friends at Focus on the Family!  Today and yesterday on the broadcast, Dr. Gary Chapman and I talk about how we can help our kids (and ourselves) manage technology well from our latest book, Screen Kids. 

You will learn things like:

  • How technology impacts the brain (Part 1)
  • What three things should be included in your child’s day for good health? (Part 1)
  • What are the 5+ skills that my child needs? (Part 2)
  • What if it feels like it’s too late to change? (Part 2)

Here are some behind the scenes photos and links to listen.  Please share the episodes with your friends so we can team up together to manage our tech better!

Listen here:

Helping Our Kids Manage Technology Well (Part 1)




Helping Our Kids Manage Technology Well (Part 2)




Arlene Pellicane

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