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You’ve probably heard of the Enneagram – can it actually help you understand your kids or your spouse? Enneagram coach Beth McCord is teaching how this tool can aid spiritual and relational growth in your home.  You’ll see how the Enneagram can help you navigate disagreements better with your spouse and more. In today’s conversation, we’ll talk about:

2:40 – These are the 4 core motivations for every person

3:50 – Be alert of your weaknesses

9:20 – Seeing through your spouse’s lens

11:20 – How do you find out your Enneagram?

13:00 – How can you appreciate and leverage how you’re wired

15:00 – What if your Enneagram is in direct conflict with your spouse’s?

20:30 – Discovery is not recovery

25:00 – What this picture reveals about God our Good Shepherd

Beth McCord is the bestselling author and co-founder with her husband Jeff of “Your Enneagram Coach,” one of the largest Enneagram platforms in the world and the only one of its size to that teaches people how to use the Enneagram from a faith based perspective. More than 2 million people have taken their online Enneagram type assessment. Beth and her husband Jeff have a new book, “More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming Aware of Your Internal World.”

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