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Has Valentine’s Day become more about showering your kids with gifts than your spouse? It’s easy to drift away from the person who was once your dream come true.  It is time to fall in love again…with your spouse! Arlene shares how you can turn your heart towards your spouse this week, relive the feelings of love, and strengthen your commitment to have and to hold forever. It’s National Marriage Week (Feb 7-14) and it’s time to celebrate marriages, starting with yours. In today’s episode, Arlene shares: 

3:00 I couldn’t believe he saw this in my eyes 

4:30 How do we keep falling in love through the years (with the same person)?

5:40 Do you find your spouse more interesting than your phone? 

7:10 What is the greatest predictor of happiness? 

10:30 My husband was listening to something that surprised me 

15:00 Sometimes we put ourselves against a measurement that doesn’t even exist 

16:45 What Dr. Gary Chapman did when someone asked to live with his family for one year 

19:00 What is National Marriage Week? 

Arlene Pellicane is the host of the Happy Home, author, speaker and spokesperson for National Marriage Week. You find out more about National Marriage Week (and get free date night ideas) at MarriageWeek.org 

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Arlene Pellicane

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