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God is Smarter and Stronger

I saw a t-shirt the other day that read, “My Coffee Needs Coffee.” If we’re counting on coffee or personal confidence to get us through the day, we won’t get too far for too long.  Instead we must count on the God of Israel who never sleeps! Today in my […]


Arlene on Focus on the Family August 13

Years ago, before my first bo was every published, I told a dear friend my dream: Someday, I would like to be on Focus on the Family.  It seemed like a very far fetched, crazy, pie-in-the-sky dream for sure. How amazing that God has brought this dream to pass and […]


When Isolation is Actually Good

I’ve been going to a neighborhood spin class for than 13 years now.  In class today, my instructor yelled, “ISOLATE!” What did she mean by that? Did she want me to go back home and sit alone in my room?  No, of course not (although that would have been […]


Back to School

This morning, the breakfast table was strangely quiet. Just three years ago, my three kids sat around the breakfast table in a beehive of activity and chatter.  Then when my oldest went to middle school (which started one hour before elementary school), that left my two girls at breakfast.  They […]


Dealing with Your Imperfections

I’m pleased to offer you this guest post from my friend, author Kelly Balarie.  She has a new bo out, Battle Ready: Train Your Mind to Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt, and Live Victoriously.  Here’s Kelly in her own words (I think you’ll be able to relate!): This morning, I came […]


Teaching Your Kids About Christ’s Coming

A special shout out to my friends from Proverbs 31 Ministries!  Thanks for stopping by. We know how to talk about Christmas with our kids, but maybe it’s harder to explain the coming of Christ again!  Yet the Bible has much to say about the return of Christ and urges […]


Podcast: Dr. Kathy Koch Part 2 on Screens, Kids and Teens

                Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Most of us don’t think,  “I feel so close to my children now that they have phones or their own iPads.” The ever presence of screens has eroded quality time in many families. Playtime is […]