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Why Bother Setting Goals in 2017?

It’s time to think about those New Year Resolutions and goal setting… I have sat in the same room with some truly inspirational people like Neil Armstrong, Zig Ziglar, Andy Andrews, and Jim Lovell to name a few.  Of course I use the word room rather liberally, since there were […]


Set a New Goal as a Wife

What career plans have you made? Education goals? Things you want to teach your children this year? What about goals as a wife?  Have you set any of those lately? Most likely not…but if you have, way to go!  Most of us don’t approach marriage as intentionally as we do, […]


How to Set Goals for the New Year

When was the last time you wrote down goals?  Maybe you’ve gotten discouraged in the past with goal setting – you barely have time to read your es, let alone accomplish new goals. Yet I have found that setting goals every year has been a great way to help me […]