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No one really signs up for a ho-hum, barely makin’ it kind of marriage.  Remember how you used to dream of what your life would be like with your man?

It’s time to keep dreaming…that’s why we’ve been taking the acronym DREAM (from my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband) one letter at a time.

This month on the podcast, we talk about the “A” in dream:  ATTRACTION.

You caught your husband’s eye that day you first met.  And guess what’s cool?  You can keep catching his eye years and even decades into your marriage.

Doing your best to look attractive to your man means so much to him.  But we wives can become very defensive about our appearance.  We don’t want anyone commenting about our weight, hairstyle, wardrobe or anything else unless it’s positive!

Yet there are three questions that you can ask yourself to assess how you are doing in the appearance department and how you might do a little better.  Not just for your husband, but for yourself too!

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Arlene Pellicane

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