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What did you and your husband like to do when you were dating?  (Besides kissing…)

In this month’s podcast, we look at the fifth and final key to having a DREAM marriage.  The “M” stands for:  MUTUAL ACTIVITIES. 

A huge part of having a happy marriage is having fun together.  Laughing.  Going places.  Eating together.  Holding hands.  Sharing common experiences.

Couples are great at this when they are dating.  Who cares if you thought fishing, shopping, watching sports on TV, or hiking was boring?  If it meant spending time with your beloved, you were in!  But then after marriage, you figured, “We see plenty of each other.  I don’t really like doing that activity so I think I’ll stay home.”

But mutual activities mean so much in a healthy relationship – and especially to your husband.  Learn how to enjoy activities together again and how to pick something that you both enjoy.

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Arlene Pellicane

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