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What Does the “S” Word (Submission) Mean to You?

We’re taking the word DREAM from 31 Days to a Happy Husband…last week we talked about the “D” which is Domestic Tranquility.  This week, we address the “R” which is RESPECT. Since we’re talking letters, let’s go to that dreaded “S” word.  Not sex, submission. (You can listen to host Debbie Chavez and […]


John Fuller and a Focus on His Family

Download the podcast, or listen to it now:  In San Diego where I live, FamilyLife Today and Focus on the Family air back to back on the radio between noon and 1 pm each weekday.  On the last podcast, I talked with Bob Lepine from the radio program FamilyLife Today.  Now to […]


Pastor Glen Cole on 58 Years of Marriage

Download the podcast or listen to it now: This is one of the most special podcasts I have produced for a few reasons.  First, Pastor Glen Cole was my senior pastor when I was a teenager.  Through listening to his power-packed sermons every Sunday, I learned the power and relevance […]