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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Have a Thankful Heart

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  Some of you read my devotional on Proverbs 31 today.  Gratitude is something we want to cultivate and encourage in the heart of our kids (and ourselves!).  Gratitude doesn’t always occur naturally…and may need some prodding. My daughter Noelle and I returned from Chicago from a wonderful business/mother-daughter […]


How to Practice Everyday Thanksgiving with Kids

Is it possible to practice thanksgiving everyday with your kids – not just on November 24? I’m happy to say the answer is YES! Why is gratitude so important anyway? Over and over in the Old Testament, we read about the ingratitude of the people of Israel and the trouble […]


Thank You God for…

This Thanksgiving week, let our mouths be filled with thanks to God for who He is and what He has done! Thank you God that I don’t know everything about marriage or parenting…because then I wouldn’t have to depend on You. Thank you God for endless loads of laundry…because it […]


4 Ways to Teach “Thank You” to a Child

With Thanksgiving just two days away, here are four simple things you can do at home to help your child have an attitude of gratitude: 1.  Scavenger Hunt – Equipped with paper and pen, go through your room and write down all the items you are thankful that you have. […]


Gratitude by the Ages

Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Have you ever doubted your child’s ability to be grateful instead of demanding? Maybe you’ve observed your toddler rant and rave, and you wonder how there can be a thankful heart inside that two foot tyrant? Are young children actually capable of showing gratitude and […]