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Connect with Other Moms Through Prayer

A special welcome to my Proverbs 31 friends!  (you can read my devotion from today here) Do you want to discover how to connect with others moms through prayer? Praying for your kids is one of the best things you can do yourself…and with other women. Maybe you’ve desired to […]


Podcast: Powerful Prayers for Parents with Fern Nichols

                Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: You have a powerful weapon that often goes unused – the power of prayer!  Whether you feel defeated or happy, talking to God about your children invites God to work in your home everyday.  I […]


The Mom’s Powerful Prayer

A special welcome to my friends from Proverbs 31! Good news:  we are not left alone to parent our children.  God has gifted us with prayer – a way to communicate directly to the Most High God! I hope you’ll be encouraged by the mom’s powerful prayer here.  I’ve taken […]


Trading Mom Anxiety for Peace

Today in my devotion with Proverbs 31 Ministries, I write about Saul’s father and the worry he probably experienced as a parent. There are many worries that can fill our hearts as moms and dads. What if my child feels left out or made fun of? What if my child […]


My Favorite Monday Morning Activity

Welcome to a new week friends! I wanted to tell you about my very favorite way to start the week. Thought I’d do something new and show you what it is…  


Podcast: Fern Nichols on Becoming a Happy Mom

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Fern Nichols, founder of Moms in Prayer International, joins me to talk about finding joy through prayer.  You just have to listen to Fern for a few seconds – and boom!  You will want to pray. Learn how to enjoy one of the […]


Is Moms in Prayer for You?

If you have a school-age child or grandchild, I have an amazing ministry to with you.  When Ethan was in first grade, I started attending a Moms in Prayer group.  The vision of Moms in Prayer is quite simple and revolutionary: that every school in the world would be covered […]