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Dealing with Loss and Failure with Your Kids

This week on FB Live, we’re talking about dealing with loss and failure with our kids.  Since it’s 9/11 today, it’s an appropriate day to pause and reflect on loss.  There are days of remembrance like this that can be used to teach our children about resilience and dependence on […]


New Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life

Today I’m honored to be a guest on Jeff Brown’s excellent Read to Lead Podcast.  We’re talking about digital habits for a balanced life from my bo Calm, Cool, and Connected.  You can listen to the conversation here. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview for you to consider […]


Kids addicted to Fortnite?

Has your child played hours and hours of Fortnite this summer?  If so, he or she isn’t alone.  More than 125 million people are playing.  How can you tell if your child is addicted? Find out in today’s Live chat. Each week, I’ll be doing a Live chat […]


Arlene airing on Focus on the Family today

Could you use some practical parenting advice?  Whether your child is currently thriving or struggling, you will find encouragement in today’s episode of Focus on the Family.   I am beyond honored to be a broadcast guest today.  Talking with Jim Daly and John Fuller is always a blast.  You’ll […]


Arlene on Focus on the Family August 13

Years ago, before my first bo was every published, I told a dear friend my dream: Someday, I would like to be on Focus on the Family.  It seemed like a very far fetched, crazy, pie-in-the-sky dream for sure. How amazing that God has brought this dream to pass and […]


When Isolation is Actually Good

I’ve been going to a neighborhood spin class for than 13 years now.  In class today, my instructor yelled, “ISOLATE!” What did she mean by that? Did she want me to go back home and sit alone in my room?  No, of course not (although that would have been […]


Back to School

This morning, the breakfast table was strangely quiet. Just three years ago, my three kids sat around the breakfast table in a beehive of activity and chatter.  Then when my oldest went to middle school (which started one hour before elementary school), that left my two girls at breakfast.  They […]