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Video: What Lens Would Improve Your Parenting or Marriage?

Do you need a little tweak in the way you see your marriage or kids? Whether you are overwhelmed by the things to do, or underwhelmed by the appreciation you feel…you have incredible power to change your perspective and improve your life. My glasses have something to teach us. What […]


Parenting is Not a Democracy

Parenting is not a democracy.  My husband James has jed it’s like a benevolent dictatorship! I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider your children’s opinions and preferences. I’m not saying the family meeting doesn’t have a place. What I am saying is you don’t have to put everything to a […]


Why Did I Write Parents Rising?

I was sitting upstairs when my kitchen timer downstairs started beeping.  At first I ignored it.  I figured it would eventually stop beeping. But after my concentration had been hijacked for too long, I ran downstairs to turn it off. That’s a word picture of why I decided to write […]


How Would You Do on This Survey?

I wonder how my kids would have rated me in a recent large study.  Would I have cringed at their answers? The survey was about what kids really wanted their parents to know. After surveying 6,000 children, researchers found that: 54 percent said their parents checked their phones too often 36 […]


Podcast: Joanne Miller on Creating a Haven of Peace

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Can you relate to any of these statements: Finances are flat and tempers are rising.  My home feels chaotic, rarely peaceful.  A haven of peace?  How is that possible with all this NOISE!  Author of Creating a Haven of Peace Joanne Miller joins […]


2 Key Questions When Disciplining Your Kids

It’s a word that can make the strongest parent quake in their boots….discip.   Whether you have a strong willed or compliant child, you will need to have a strategy for disciplining kids. Yes, a strategy.  Don’t just discip by your feelings or in a haphazard way.  Plan how you […]


Writing Next Book with Dr. Gary Chapman!

I am thrilled, honored, floored, and humbled to announce that I will be writing my next bo with Dr. Gary Chapman.  Dr. Chapman is the author of the bestselling The 5 Love Languages series ( than 8 million copies sold – yes, you read that right!).  We will be co-authoring a […]